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Since 1992, Polestar is unrivalled for its depth of training and practical teaching skills.

Polestar Pilates is the gold standard in Pilates instructor courses and teacher training. Our focus is on whole body wellness, healing through movement, and the mind-body connection. We are best-known for our holistic and science-based approach to functional movement that leads to complete mastery of body and mind.

Qualifying with Polestar opens the door to teaching and career opportunities that change lives. Never before has it been more significant to make a positive impact on world health. Started in 1992, Polestar Pilates is today one of the world’s most respected training providers and best recognised qualifications. Polestar teachers form the backbone of a global Pilates community of innovators, presenters, educators, mentors, and studios in over 50 countries.
What makes us different is our holistic, science-based approach, with one unifying message, just like Joseph Pilates intended: ‘movement heals’. From your first day, you are welcomed into this community with a depth of training and support that is unique to Polestar.


Gateway is the perfect introduction to Pilates for career or personal interest.


Start or advance your Pilates career with Mat, Reformer and Studio Rehab training.

Improve Skills

Boost your skills, knowledge and career with our Continuing Education.

learning with polestar


Get the Pilates qualification that opens doors to teaching and career opportunities.

Anatomy & physiology

Learn basic anatomy & physiology online in preparation for your teacher training.


Find out how to transition your previous training to a Polestar qualification.


“All of the mentors are fantastic, you feel so nurtured and cared for whilst you receive top quality education. I have done education with a lot of different providers and would only recommend Polestar now…”

Jamie – Polestar Diploma graduate


Polestar Pilates Instructor Courses are dedicated to training highly skilled teachers, well-known and respected for their skills industry-wide. Teachers that are confident in their ability to assess and resolve faulty movement patterns in all body types and levels of ability; from the injured to the dancer, from the elderly to high-performance athletes.


Polestar Pilates accreditation is like a global Pilates passport, recognised in over 50 countries. Polestar is renowned for its holistic approach that integrates latest research and best practices in orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science. Founded in 1992, Polestar Pilates is an international community of innovative leaders in Pilates Teacher Training.


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