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The Ultimate Reformer Series

Reformer Pilates Courses Australia

Ultimate Reformer

The Ultimate Reformer Certification has been designed with all movement specialists in mind from physical therapists to personal trainers and group instructors

Graduates will be able to instruct Reformer classes in a Pilates Studio, small group session (semi or private); gym group classes; health center group classes; home and corporate environment.

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Polestar Pilates Education

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Students who graduate from Polestar’s Ultimate Reformer series qualify for:

  • Group Membership with the Pilates Alliance of Australasia
  • Fitness Pilates Instructor (FPI) with AUSactive.  Must also include the unit NAT10828001 – Work within the Pilates Industry (from the Diploma).
  • For those already members with AUSactive you will receive 15 CEC’s for REF1-REF3 and 10 CEC’s for PP.
  • Members with ESSA will receive 15 CPDs
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Our Reformer Pilates Courses Across Australia

Polestar Pilates Education offers an extensive range of Reformer Pilates courses across Australia designed to meet the diverse needs of aspiring Pilates instructors. Whether in a major city or a regional town, our courses are accessible and structured to provide you with the comprehensive training needed to excel in the Pilates industry. Each location offers the same rigorous curriculum and quality of instruction, ensuring that all participants receive a consistent and high standard of education. Our courses help you develop as a practitioner and a skilled instructor capable of significantly impacting your clients’ health and well-being.

Ultimate Reformer Pilates Course Overview

The Reformer Pilates instructor course at Polestar is a detailed and intensive program designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to become a proficient Reformer Pilates instructor. Covering everything from the fundamentals of movement to advanced exercise modifications, this course is structured to provide a deep understanding of the Reformer apparatus — its functionality, versatility, and application in both fitness and rehabilitation settings. This comprehensive training ensures graduates are well-prepared to instruct clients of various fitness levels and health backgrounds.

What Sets Our Reformer Training Apart

Polestar’s Reformer Pilates teacher training stands out due to its comprehensive and scientific approach. Key features include:

  • Holistic Curriculum: Integrates the latest research in movement science and health to ensure a well-rounded education.
  • Expert Educators: Our instructors are renowned for their deep expertise and commitment to Pilates education.
  • Continuously Updated: The course content is regularly refreshed to incorporate the newest findings and teaching methodologies.
  • Focus on Innovation: We strive to lead the industry by introducing new ideas and practices that enhance the learning experience.
  • Industry Recognition: Our program is respected globally, setting you up for international career opportunities.


Become a Certified Reformer Pilates Instructor

Venturing on a Reformer Pilates certification with Polestar Pilates Education marks the beginning of a promising career in Pilates instruction. Our certification process is thorough, combining online modules with face-to-face interactions to ensure comprehensive learning and skill acquisition. Assessments are conducted throughout the course to monitor progress and ensure mastery of the critical concepts and techniques. Upon completion, graduates are awarded a nationally recognised qualification and thoroughly prepared to deliver high-quality, effective Pilates instruction. Our graduates are highly sought after in the industry and are known for their competence and ability to adapt to different teaching environments.

From Training to Certification

The path from initial training to achieving your Reformer Pilates certification is structured to support your growth and development at every step. The course includes practical assessments, case studies, and real-time instructor feedback to refine your teaching skills and technique. This process ensures that by the time you receive your certification, you are fully prepared to meet the demands of the Pilates teaching profession and deliver exceptional results to your clients.


Why Choose Reformer Pilates Training with Polestar?

Choosing Polestar for your Reformer Pilates training means selecting a program renowned for its quality and impact. Our training goes beyond teaching Pilates techniques; it instils an understanding of how to adapt Pilates practices to meet individual client needs, making your teaching effective and inclusive. The success stories of our alumni, who have gone on to establish successful careers and make meaningful changes in people’s lives, underscore the value of our training. With Polestar, you gain more than a certification; you become part of a global community committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the Pilates field.

Enhancing Your Pilates Practice and Teaching Skills

Through our Reformer Pilates instructor training, you will enhance both your personal Pilates practice and your effectiveness as an instructor. The course will teach you the techniques and deepen your understanding of body mechanics and Pilates philosophy. This dual focus ensures that you can not only perform Pilates movements with precision but also teach them in a way that is accessible and beneficial to others. This comprehensive skill set makes our graduates stand out in the Pilates community.

The Comprehensive Approach to Body Conditioning

Polestar’s Reformer Pilates course takes a comprehensive approach to body conditioning, emphasising the importance of understanding the whole body and how it works. This holistic view is central to the Pilates method and is integrated throughout our training, ensuring you learn to address the body as an interconnected system. This approach helps improve physical strength and flexibility and enhances mental and emotional well-being, making it a complete form of exercise and rehabilitation.


Start Your Reformer Pilates Career

Starting your career in Reformer Pilates with Polestar means stepping into a profession with vast growth and personal development potential. Our training equips you with the skills to start your own practice, join established studios, or even take your expertise abroad. The opportunities are as vast as they are rewarding, with Pilates continuing to grow in popularity both in Australia and internationally. Our graduates are well-prepared to lead this growth, bringing health and wellness to clients through expert Pilates instruction.

Apply for Our Reformer Pilates Instructor Course

Applying for our Reformer Pilates instructor training is the first step towards a fulfilling profession in health and fitness. Our application process is straightforward, requiring potential students to demonstrate a commitment to learning and a passion for health. Once accepted, you will be on your way to joining a distinguished community of Pilates professionals with the support of Polestar’s expert instructors and a robust curriculum. Start your application today to venture on this transformative journey.


Join the Polestar Pilates Community

Joining the Polestar Pilates community opens a world of continuing education, networking opportunities, and professional support. As a graduate, you will have access to advanced workshops, annual conferences, and continuous learning courses to help you stay at the forefront of the Pilates industry. Our community is a vibrant network of professionals committed to improving health through movement. Being part of this community ensures you remain connected to the latest developments in Pilates and have the support needed to grow and evolve in your career.

Continuing Education and Support After Certification

At Polestar, our support doesn’t end with certification. We offer a scope of continuing education opportunities to help you advance your skills and keep your practice current. From specialist workshops to seminars on the latest research in movement science, our post-certification support is designed to keep you engaged and informed. These resources are invaluable for maintaining the high standards of teaching expected of Polestar-certified instructors and for continuing your professional development in the dynamic field of Pilates.

Ongoing Training Opportunities and Workshops

Polestar offers ongoing training opportunities and workshops for professional growth and skill enhancement. Experts lead these sessions in the field and cover various topics, from advanced Pilates techniques to the latest industry trends.

Connecting with a Network of Pilates Professionals

Being part of Polestar means connecting with a network of Pilates professionals worldwide. This global community provides invaluable career support and a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices in Pilates instruction.


Launch Your Pilates Journey with Us

Take the first step towards excellence in Pilates instruction by joining our Ultimate Reformer Course. Contact us today to explore how this training can transform your career and enhance your skills. Don’t miss out on our other comprehensive courses:

Each program is designed to deepen your understanding and mastery of Pilates, preparing you for a successful and impactful career in Pilates. Join our community of dedicated professionals today!


Minimum requirements for entry into this course are:

  • Attainment of HSC / Secondary education or tertiary education equivalent
  • A good understanding of Pilates – we recommend completing a minimum of 25 hours of personal Pilates practice either in private or group sessions. This may include matwork and studio work (preferably with a Polestar Pilates certified practitioner). This can be provided as a log from your studio/gym or letter/email from your Pilates practitioner.
  • Successful completion of Polestar’s online Anatomy course or HLTAAP001 (Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context) equivalent. RPL for units completed through a recognised complementary health care college or RTO are accepted once transcript is provided to compliance.
  • Completion of Polestar Matwork Series or Pilates Mat qualification from another Pilates education school of equivalent level.
  • PP: NAT10828002
    Ability to apply the Polestar Pilates Principles & Postural assessment framework.
  • REF1: Ability to plan and instruct a beginner Polestar Pilates Reformer class.
  • REF2: Ability to plan and instruct an intermediate level Reformer class
  • REF3: Ability to plan and instruct an advanced level Reformer class.
  • HLTWHS003: Ability to maintain work health and safety
  • Lectures & Homework: 155 hrs
  • Academic units: 50 hrs
  • Observation: 30 hrs
  • Self-Mastery: 50 hrs
  • Apprentice Teaching: 50 hrs
  • Final Exam: 3 hrs

Upon registration, you are automatically enrolled into Polestar’s Online Resource Centre where you will have access to interactive study resources including lectures, case studies, repertoire review and much more. Check your inbox for an email outlining your homework assignments and lots of useful information for your course. During your first weekend Unit, you will receive your manuals and this is when you can start to complete your logbook hours.

Practicums help accelerate your teaching and demonstration hours in a supported environment with an Educator. Teaching is within a clinical format against units of competency and allows students to accrue 2 hours for 1 hour (1:2) towards their student logbook. Topics included will be review of Theory, Repertoire, Case Studies and Self-Mastery demonstration and teaching. They are schedule generally over 4hrs but can be shorter and some are online.

There are 2 Practicums scheduled as part of the Matwork course and are included in the course fees.

You have 12 months from when you start Polestar Principles (PP) to take your exam. The exam consists of a two-hour multiple choice exam and class design case study, and a one hour practical exam showing demonstration and teaching skills. All your log book hours must be completed.



Ultimate REFORMER Certification Units: PP, Ref1, Ref2, Course Manuals, Logbook, Online portal and Final Exam and 2 Practicums.


Deposit: $710 Payment plan: $570 x 4

Note: there will be some additional costs which are not covered in the course fees. As part of your logbook hours all repertoire must be signed off for teaching and demonstration. Polestar allocates time at each face to face weekend for check off but if these are not completed they must be done in your own time at your cost with a Mentor. Also Self Mastery logbook hours will be at an additional cost, note that 15 hours can be completed as self directed study (unsupervised).

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST when applicable. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Registration Policies (including Cancellations and Transfers) – Please refer to the REGISTRATION POLICY


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