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Polestar Pilates is part of an international company that:

  • Is taught by experienced professionals.
  • Has the best coaching support in the industry.
  • Is built on scientific principles familiar to rehabilitation and fitness professionals.
  • Is centered on comprehensive problem solving skills, encouraging adaption and creativity.
  • Uses competency-based instructions to measure each student’s ability to justify exercise selections or treatment plans.

Courses that are offered throughout Australia include:

  • Complete Pilates Matwork Series
  • Ultimate Reformer Series
  • Comprehensive Studio/Rehabilitation Series

See our Certification Courses Page.

Your choice of course will depend on what you want to achieve as an instructor and any previous training you may have had.

In order to become a fully qualified Pilates instructor within a studio environment, you will need to complete the Comprehensive Pilates Studio/Rehab Series.  This course includes the full repertoire of Pilates for working in the Studio environment using all Pilates Equipment (Reformer, Trap table, Chair, Barrels, Ped-A-Pul, Spine Corrector and small apparatus).

If however you only wish to become a group Pilates Matwork instructor you need to complete the Polestar Pilates Matwork Series.  or if wanting to teach group Reformer then the Polestar Ultimate Reformer Series.

Complete Pilates Matwork Series: 6-12 months

Ultimate Reformer Series: 6-12 months

Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Series: 12-18 months

Note this is from commencement of the first Unit Principles (PP)

Yes!  Polestar Pilates has a policy that recognises the skills and knowledge that you may have gained via other forms of study and experience.  Polestar Pilates Australia will formally recognise a candidate’s existing level of skill, either via:

  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
  • Credit transfer (DC)

Please contact Polestar Australia for more information: 02 9091 9400 or EMAIL

Yes!  We have many different payment options available to suit your circumstances.  Please refer to our pricing on the relevant Course page for these payment options.

Please review our Terms & Conditons

Unfortunately not. Please review our Terms & Conditions.

Polestar Pilates prides itself on the quality and variety of continuing education.  These includes core curriculum courses, workshops, national and international conferences.  Checkout our current programs on our Continuing Education page.

Polestar Australia provides an online Anatomy course that meets these requirements, it is at an additional fee of $250.

Please contact Polestar Australia directly for more information: 02 9091 9400 or EMAIL

No, you won’t need to hold a current First Aid Certificate to enroll in any of our courses. However, it is a required unit within any Certificate or Diploma course and will be needed for insurance and PAA membership.

Any teaching experience that you have will be an advantage – especially if it is movement teaching experience (e.g. ballet teaching, fitness instructor, yoga).

However, it is not vital and we will consider your application on a case by case basis.

Firstly, we encourage you to arrange observation and assistant teaching times with a Polestar graduate, mentor or educator between teaching weekends. Secondly, we encourage students to get together to practice.  How this tends to work; is a small group of 2 -4 students will hire a Polestar educator/mentor for two to three hours and share the cost.

We also have study groups and practicums listed for each city on the Study Group page.

Absolutely, subject to places being available.  We will only charge you for the courses you will be attending with us.  You should seek a refund of unattended modules from the Polestar centre you enrolled with.

Yes!  Please contact Polestar Australia for more information: 02 9091 9400 or EMAIL

The following CEC’s will be awarded with Fitness Australia when completed Polestar Courses.

– Polestar Principles (PP) – 8 CECs

– Mat Series (M1, M2, M3) – 15 CECs

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