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Amanda has been passionate about Pilates ever since her introductory mat class over two decades ago. She was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness that this type of exercise had on her body. Muscles got leaner and stronger, flexibility was enhanced, posture became lengthened and breath seemed to be more expansive than ever. Following her heart, she decided to switch careers to become a Pilates instructor. After completing her extensive training with Polestar Pilates, her love for the method led her to become a Principal Educator and Examiner for their teacher-training program for 10 years.

Always endeavouring to improve her offering, she is also a Franklin Method Educator and, as such, is able to pass on essential information about the body and how it is designed to move efficiently. In addition to running her studio in Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, she travels nationally & internationally, conducting workshops sharing her wealth of experience to inspire the every day person to have a greater knowledge and appreciation for their body and its dynamics.

To complement her skills, Amanda is also qualified in Shiatsu massage. She believes there is immense power in healing through touch and balancing energy flow. Her unique fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, Pilates & functional movement, enhances the overall experience that her clients receive.

Amanda’s holistic approach delivers personalised sessions to a broad range of clients from novice to advanced. She successfully achieves results with those experiencing chronic pain, pre & postnatal conditioning, sports athletes or for anyone seeking general wellness and wellbeing.

• Franklin Method Level III Educator
• Diploma Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies
• Diploma Professional Pilates Instruction – Polestar Pilates Australia


Amanda can be found at www.kinectedpilates.com.au.