Polestar Educators

Audrey Morrison

Assistant Educator

With her incredible people skills and a thorough understanding of the latest in Pilates training, Audrey totally embraces the Polestar approach to movement and well-being.

Audrey’s career path has seen her travel extensively and with a background in ballet, has contributed to her self-discipline and passion for movement. Pilates was a natural progression for Audrey after the birth of her daughter in the late 90’s. Audrey has been teaching Pilates since 2001, joining Powernouse studio now Polestar in 2005. Audrey has been a part of the education program for Polestar since 2012 as a mentor and since 2017 as an assistant educator.

Audrey has worked with a wide variety of clients during the past 15 years with Polestar. In addition to teaching with the Polestar team, Audrey also spends her time working alongside Osteopaths and Chiropractors, adding value and contributing to a cross-functional treatment style. Spending half of her week in The Southern Highlands, Audrey has developed a keen interest working with equestrian athletes. Her Pilates journey continues to broaden and develop, as she focuses her energy on rehabilitation and optimising movement for all clients.