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Barbara has always been fascinated by Human Movement. Having studied Japanese JuJitsu from a young age then stepping into Yoga, Rowing and Rock climbing she has kept her movement curiosity challenged. She found Pilates through rehabilitation of recurring injuries and to manage a spinal condition, it was through this work of the Pilates method that she was able to create the dynamic stability her body required and has never looked back.

Barbara then made the move from her work as a Remedial massage therapist in Private practice and with the Hawthorn Football Club for several seasons, into the role of full time Pilates instructor in 2008. In 2012 Barbara proudly joined the Polestar education team as a Rehabilitation instructor.

Barbara enjoys working with clients to help them unlock the potential that their bodies are capable of to keep them achieving their goals. Barbara’s passion for Human Movement, Manual Therapy and attention to detail has seen her develop interests in working with Neurological conditions, Sports performance and Women’s health.

Barbara Scafidi Educator