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Assistant Educator

Keely first started Pilates in 1987 at the Alan Herdman studio in London to compliment her contemporary dance training at the suggestion of her ballet teacher and she soon reaped the benefit, continuing Pilates classes throughout her career as a Contemporary dancer.   During this time Keely toured both nationally and internationally and was also part of a teaching team taking dance and theatre workshops into schools and colleges.

Always having an interest in sport and fitness Keely moved naturally into the fitness industry after her dance career where she also began competing in various sports, which included rowing and distance running.  It was after a few years of hard physical training without Pilates, that she found her body needed more balance and found her way back to regular classes.

Discovering again the importance of the Pilates method in maintaining a good foundation for movement, Keely decided to focus her career away from mainstream fitness and went on to train with Body Control Pilates in the UK. Keely completed her Mat and Studio Pilates qualifications with BCP through 2001-2003 while also working at their London based studio until 2004 at which time she relocated to Brisbane.  During this time, she also completed a BSc in Psychology where she focused her dissertation on Sports Psychology and the identity athletes create for themselves around their discipline, this continues to inspire her Pilates work today.

In 2010 Keely furthered her training, completing the Pilates Studio Diploma course with Polestar Pilates AU and went straight onto their mentor program.  In 2016 she became an assistant educator and continues to work in that role as well as educating on the Reformer course. Working closely with students as they prepare for a career in Pilates is one of the highlights of Keely’s job.

Keely also enjoys working with teenagers, and since 2019 has been working on developing classes to better help them understand how to manage their bodies through busy lifestyles and the demand of various sporting activities and coaching expectations.

Keely is an avid cyclist and also enjoys competing in other sporting disciplines, and her aim as a teacher is to educate clients on how they can achieve better movement and how they can incorporate what they learn in the Pilates studio into their own lifestyle and other training disciplines for longevity in their sport and good movement for life in general.