Polestar Educators

Kimberley Garlick


Kimberley is a Certified Polestar Studio/Rehab Practitioner and Educator/Mentor for Polestar International since 2003. She is the director of the Northern Rivers Pilates studio and prides herself on delivering the highest quality of Pilates movement, updated information and personal guidance for all clients.

She originally comes from a ballet background and then moved into the fitness world, sports science (Australian Catholic University) nutrition diploma (Australian Natural Therapies College) personal training and group fitness. Kimberley has lectured around the world on wellness and Pilates With Polestar Pilates and Unlimited Potential. Her original Pilates certification was in 1996 and has since had many more. Kimberley is passionate about the success of Pilates for people to achieve goals on all levels. Kimberley has an online video training and has been the spokeswoman for Womens Health for Poise as well as written numerous articles for magazines, spoken on radio and been apart of TV interviews for wellness and fitness.

Kimberley has three daughters all of whom are now young adults.
Kimberley’s ultimate goal is to empower people to move better and gain more zest for life. Kimberley Prides herself on delivering the highest level of education and Pilates to all who crosses her path.