Polestar Educators


Educator, Physiotherapist

Kristen has been practicing Pilates since 2010 before completing her studio rehab in 2015 after becoming a physiotherapist in 2014. A keen movement enthusiast Kristen has been involved in various forms of movement including weight training and yoga as a teenager before finding Pilates in 2010. Her love of the body and movement led her to complete her physiotherapy degree in 2014 and then undertake Pilates training with Polestar Pilates Australia in 2015. Kristen has a keen passion for learning and continued professional development and thoroughly enjoys being a student just as much as a teacher. It was through her training with Polestar that Kristen found a love for teaching which led her to pursue Polestar’s mentor training program and eventually become an Educator. She loves the sense of community that Polestar provides within Australia and worldwide.”