Polestar Educators


Assistant Educator

Sarah has been practising Pilates since 2003 and it has never failed her – helping her participate in half marathons, adventure racing and triathlons without injury through her twenties and keeping her body strong and supple through two pregnancies. “Pilates kept my body taped together and literally enabled me to bounce back!”

Discovering Pilates was a turning point in Sarah’s life. She fell in love how it made her feel, so after the birth of her first son in 2007 and stepping back from corporate life she decided to lead the life she dreamt of and became a Pilates Instructor through Polestar Pilates Australia.

“My Pilates journey has never stopped. I continue to study and evolve as a teacher. The possibilities with Pilates are endless. There are always new things to discover about this body of work. I am proud to be a Mentor and Assistant Educator at Polestar helping students studying reach their dreams.

“I love helping people achieve their goals and experience just how good they can feel mentally and physically. Pilates is for everyone. We all have unique bodies and needs and the beauty of Pilates is that is caters for every body.”