Creative approaches to thoracic mobility – a 3D approach

Creative Approaches to Thoracic Mobility Pilates Workshop


Explore creative ways to encourage optimal mobility in our thorax. We often think of this area two dimensionally, from the perspective of flexion and extension but this is a part of our body that benefits from a creative three-dimensional approach. 


We will consider the spherical shape of the ribcage, along with the thoracic vertebra to increase range of motion and sense of ease in this part of the body. Together, we will take the perspective of ‘expansion and contraction’ and ‘compression and elongation’ in our cues and exercise selection to unleash the thorax.

By incorporating strategic movements from the scapulae and arms, using directional breath techniques, and taking advantage of gravity to provide traction and release we will have creative yet simple ways to the benefit of the thorax.

What you will learn:

We will use the entire studio but with extra attention to the barrels and small props of fit balls, small air-filled balls (chi balls) and foam rollers- not only for their physical assistance but to provide greater awareness of the capabilities of this important part of the body. 

Walk away with creative yet simple ways to the benefit of the thorax.


Completion of a comprehensive Pilates teacher program from a Pilates Method Alliance approved school (such as Polestar Ultimate Reformer Series or Polestar Comprehensive Studio/Rehabilitation course)


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