Demystifying Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery – Sydney

Demystifying Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery for Pilates Instructors


As a Pilates Instructor you are taught the basics of how to treat a client with joint replacement surgery but is it enough? Want to learn more?

If you have ever wondered what happens in joint replacement surgery, have questions about implants, such as how the surgeon knows how to place the implants, this workshop is for you! All of these questions will be answered and more.


Detailed discussion around pilates rehab protocols and long term Pilates management of clients with hip or knee replacements, on all the Pilates studio equipment plus matwork.

What you will learn:

Jeremy is a Physiotherapist and Polestar Pilates Educator who works in theatre with surgeons. For hip replacements he will cover the surgical technique; the differences between the anterior and posterior approaches, the types of instruments and implants used and hip resurfacing procedures. For knee replacements he will cover; surgical technique, discuss the two main philosophies – mechanical and kinematic, and also cover robotic vs manual instrument surgeries and the types of implants used.


Completion of a comprehensive Pilates teacher program from a Pilates Method Alliance approved school (such as Polestar Ultimate Reformer Series or Polestar Comprehensive Studio/Rehabilitation course)


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