Recognised Prior Learning

Polestar Pilates Australia recognises knowledge gained from other relevant forms of study and training. If you wish to be recognised for prior learning, Polestar Pilates will first assess your knowledge in line with the qualification you’re applying for. Note that we only consider applications from Students registered into a Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Course.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is an assessment process. We assess your relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal) to determine the credit outcomes towards your Polestar Australia Academic Units.  RPL is only applicable to the Diploma academic units.

COST: An application fee of $100 – $150 per Academic Unit. This is in addition to your course fees, and is due for payment when you submit your RPL Application. If your requested Academic Units are approved, your Course Fees will be reduced accordingly. 

Credit Transfer (CT)

Credit transfer allows you to get credit towards your Polestar Course for learning outcomes you have already achieved from formal learning institution/s. To receive credit, you need to submit and demonstrate evidence of content and learning outcomes between the Unit codes.  CT is only applicable to the Diploma academic units.

COST: There are no fees for with Credit Transfer. If the Academic Units you requested are approved by our Assessment Team, your course fees will be reduced accordingly.

How to Apply

Polestar Australia will only consider applications for CT (Credit Transfer) & RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) up to one month prior to your seminar. To apply for CT or RPL please email us at