Alexander Bohlander – Workshops Feb 2024

Alexander Bohlander - Conference Melb + Syd

We are excited to welcome Alexander Bohlander for his inaugural visit to Australia for this jam-packed mini Conference in Melbourne and Sydney, February 2024.


Alexander has been a dedicated practitioner of holistic physiotherapy and osteopathy since 1995, complementing his practice with an integrated Pilates studio. In 2002, he expanded his professional footprint by founding ‘Springs Cologne’, which now operates across three branches. He is recognised as an international lecturer and has made significant contributions to literature in his field, notably as the author of Das Pilates Lehrbuch – Springer Verlag the first German-language textbook on Pilates training. As a Senior Educator and the Licensee for Polestar Pilates Europe, Alexander brings a wealth of expertise, particularly in rehabilitation and neuropathologies.


The below schedule shows both Melbourne & Sydney dates. Please note the SpineFitter course is available online and only in person in Melbourne.

Healing Touch for Pilates Teachers02 Feb 202412pm-4pmDynamic Stability – Ripponlea (VIC)
Pilates for the Back03 Feb 20248am-12pmDynamic Stability – Richmond (VIC)
Polestar Pilates meets SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® (ZOOM)03 Feb 20241pm-4pmDynamic Stability – Richmond (VIC) and also via ZOOM
Neuroplasticity -Neuro-Rehab with Polestar Pilates04 Feb 20248am-5pmDynamic Stability – Ripponlea (VIC)
Healing Touch for Pilates Teachers09 Feb 202412pm-4pmPolestar Pilates Studio – Brookvale (NSW)
Pilates for the Back10 Feb 202412pm-4pmPolestar Pilates Studio – Brookvale (NSW)
Neuroplasticity -Neuro-Rehab with Polestar Pilates11 Feb 20248am-5pmPolestar Pilates Studio – Brookvale (NSW)


  • 1/2 day workshops $300 (early bird $270 until 12 Jan ’24)
  • 1 day workshop $600 (early bird $540 until 12 Jan ’24)
  • Bundle pricing – ALL 4 workshops $1200 (Call us to book over phone 02.9091 9400. Payment plans available)

Healing touch for pilates teachers

Human touch can be mechanical, stereotype and repetitive or transformational, individual and thoughtful. This workshops creates the environment for experiential education how , when , where and why to touch clients, patients in the context of teaching Pilates.

Students will experience and learn how to mindfully use tactile touch as a tool to change physical conditions. The ability to provide a skilled and clear tactile instruction will be understood and discussed.

  • 4 hour workshop
  • 10% Lecture 90% Lab

4 PDP’s with PAA

Polestar pilates meets SPINEFITTER

The practical part of the education focuses on case examples, patient pathologies and variations and adaptations of the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® on the Pilates equipment, applying the Polestar Pilates concept. The completion of the online asynchronous part 1 is the basis of the discussions we will have in part 2.

Students will be able to use the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® in the environment of a Pilates studio with and without equipment. Exercises from the Pilates repertoire will be aligned with the unsique features so that the students can apply the exercise safely and effectively.

  • 6 hours workshop (3 online, 3 face to face)
  • Part 1, ONLINE (must be completed prior to part 2) – please register at least 1 week prior to complete online portion first.
  • Part 2, Face to face or via ZOOM
  • 30% Lecture 70% Lab
  • available via ZOOM link

6 PDPs with PAA

NOTE: You must have your own SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® to do this course. You can order through Polestar HQ at least 2 weeks prior to course start for in person in Melbourne or pickup from HQ in Brookvale. Alternatively you can order and have it shipped to your house from HF Industries.

Neuroplasticity - Neuro-Rehab

This course teaches concepts of reprogramming the neuromatrix through movement and specialized other approaches. Neuro-athletic training, VR glasses (if available), brain stimulation and peripheral stimulation will help building adaptive, more flexible and fun to have bodies.

Students will take away understanding of neuroplasticity and assess and teach on the level of neurological changes. Pilates exercises, Feldenkrais, therapeutic approaches will be demonstrated and applied.

This course is an adaptation to the (2day) Polestar Neuro-Rehabilitation course. It will teach how to assess the relevant systems and how to develop treatment strategies that include the Pilates equipment environment for a more effective therapy and rehabilitation. Pathologies addressed: Stroke, MS, Parkinsons, Dementia

  • 1 day (8 hrs) face-to-face (plus 2hrs online prior)
  • Part 1, ONLINE (must be completed prior to part 2) please register at least 1 week prior to complete online portion first.
  • Part 2, Face to face
  • 40% Lecture 60% Lab

8 PDPs with PAA

pilates for the back

The back is part of the whole body. Who hunts the pain is lost. This course will demonstrate how to work beyond structural recipes and understand the back as a reflector for the whole system.

In this course Polestar Pilates movement principles will be applied to typical and special cases of back pain. Mat and Pilates prop exercises will teach how to change strategy and support structure. Students will understand how to differentiate and find effective gateways and to design programs for their clients.

  • 4 hour workshop
  • 50% Lecture 50% Lab

4 PDPs with PAA


Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our Registration Policies (incl. Cancellations and Transfers) before you register.

Please allow 24-48 hours to process your registration and receive your credentials to the course.


Completion of a comprehensive Pilates teacher program from a Pilates Method Alliance or Pilates Association Australia approved school (such as Polestar Comprehensive Studio/Rehabilitation course or full Diploma)

PDPs: With PAA (Pilates Association Australia)

  • Neuro-Rehab with Polestar Pilates – 8 PDPs
  • Pilates for the Back – 4 PDPs
  • Healing Touch for Pilates Teachers – 4 PDPs

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