Neurogenic Workshop

Neurogenic Tremors For Mind Body Connection

Find out how our nervous system works and introduce TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), a tool for nervous system healing in this useful and enlightening workshop.


The use of Neurogenic Tremors in enhancing mind/body/spirit connection in the Pilates setting.

This workshop is about how our nervous system works and introduces TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), a tool for nervous system healing.

It is designed to help you identify where your clients may be on the process of nervous system regulation and be helpful in finding cues and acting effectively when clients present in certain states.

Learn and experience the muscle tremoring process, with a clear understanding of what is happening in the body, and importantly, how to regulate the nervous system experience.

Once your client has embodied this experience, they will be much clearer on what is happening in their bodies should they experience tremoring/shaking not only in sessions but in life. They will be able to normalise it as it is a natural process the body uses to regulate the nervous system stress.

The use of TRE or tension/trauma release exercises is perfectly suited to the Pilates environment. In fact, we often see muscle tremors during sessions and this is a sign that the body is wanting to release some tension.

  1.  Learn the cycle the nervous system moves through in seeking regulation and calmness.
  2. Understand the role and application of muscle tremoring in their own body.
  3. Understand signs of nervous dysregulation in themselves and others.
  4. Reach states of calm within that reinforce and demystify the mind/body/spirit connection.
  5. Understand how to support clients when they experience tremors and know what to suggest.
  6. Improve listening and presence capacity in the teaching role as a result of the tremor experience.


Your mind and body will love this workshop as you add a little extra spark to your teaching in the studio. Your clients bodies will be grateful too!


Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our Registration Policies (incl. Cancellations and Transfers) before you register.

Please allow 24-48 hours to process your registration and receive your credentials to the course.


Completion of a comprehensive Pilates teacher program from a Pilates Method Alliance or Pilates Alliance Australasia approved school (such as Polestar Comprehensive Studio/Rehabilitation course or full Diploma)

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