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What You Need To Know

Your Pilates training and qualification process with Polestar Pilates Australia.

Prior Learning

Check if prior training grants Polestar credit and exemption eligibility. Learn more about qualifications.

Requalification Overview

Understand Polestar Pilates teachers’ requalification requirements. Includes steps for maintaining certification.

Exam Schedule

Access the 2023 & 2024 Mat, Reformer, Studio & Rehab Exam Schedule. Essential for planning and preparation.

Study Groups & Self Mastery

Discover local options for self-mastery check-offs and study groups. Connect and enhance learning.

Understanding Polestar Terms of Service

Read and agree to Polestar Australia’s Terms and Conditions before course registration. Essential legal information.

Australian Government Accredited USI

Ensure qualification issuance by registering a Unique Student Identifier (USI) with Polestar. Learn about USI creation.

Do You Have Questions Or Feedback?

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