Study Groups & Self-Mastery

Educators and Mentors at the following cities and centres are available for Study Groups and self-mastery check-offs.  Please contact them directly on the contact details provided.

For times and sessions outside the list below, please contact the mentors in your city. Go to the Team Page for the latest contact list.


Practicums are an optional addition to your course with Polestar Pilates. It helps accelerate your teaching and demonstration hours in a supported environment with an Educator. Teaching is within a clinical format against units of competency and allows students to accrue 2 hours for 1 hour (1:2) towards their student logbook. Topics included will be review of Theory, Repertoire, Case Studies and Self-Mastery demonstration and teaching.

Cost: $80 for 4 hours   ($40 for 2 hours online)

Schedule: Each city has different dates and are now listing on the Polestar HQ MindBody booking system. If you are new to our MindBody app you will need to create an account and then click on the “EDUCATION” tab along the top. More will be added, so do check back. Use this link to book your practicum.


The following educators/mentors are holding face to face and ONLINE study groups. These hours count towards your self-mastery and/or observation hours in your logbook. Please contact them directly on the contact details provided.

Catherine Giannitto: Tuesday & Thursday’s between 9:30am – 12:30pm. Call Polestar Studio on 90919400 to book with the reception team.

Kimberley Garlick: All sessions on request via Northern Rivers Pilates. Contact the studio on 66213584 or email:

SMART HEALTH TRAINING – Adelaide SA: Please contact Jenni Guest at Smart Health Training and Services. Bookings: 08 8293 1100 OR email:

THE PILATES NOOK – Sydney NSW: Carrie Guest holds regular study groups in which are all advertised on her website. Please see link below to book: Book online.

Students receive an extra 10% discount on private and duets packs, email for code


The following educators are avaliable for privates for both self-mastery and teaching for your logbooks. Please contact them directly from the mentor list provided. Rates vary from $100 – $130 per hour


Bookings: 02 9091 9400 OR email:

Staff Available: Educators – Cat Giannitto, Sarah Barrett, Tracy Gerza & Lissie Field are available.

Mentors – Karin-Anne Abercrombie, Karen Lee & Jenna Hitch (Reformer) 


Jenni Guest is available for observation, self-mastery and apprentice teaching during Monday-Fridays. 

Bookings: 08 8293 1100 OR email:


Bookings: email:

Staff Available: Educators – Liz Wilson & Lisa Nikolich

Mentors – Duilia, Eleonara & Luise.

KIMBERLEY GARLICK – Northern Rivers Pilates Available for online privates for self-mastery checkoff and teaching.

Contact: 0411 622 300 or Email:

JEN COOKSEY – Pilates for Living WA Available for privates for self-mastery checkoff demo and teaching of Mat, Reformer and Studio/Rehab. 

Contact: 0412 164 454 or Email:

KEELY MANCINI – Pilates Box Wooloowin Avaliable for private, mentoring, study groups and hours

Contact: 0424 609 493 or Email: