Catherine Giannitto

Director, Senior Educator, Pilates Practitioner

Meet Cat Giannitto, the owner of Polestar Pilates Australia, and a force to be reckoned with in the Pilates industry for over two decades. Cat’s journey in Pilates started when she sought relief from spinal arthritis (and the corporate world). What started as a personal healing journey turned into a lifelong passion, leading her to become a Pilates teacher, international presenter, and studio owner.

Cat is committed to maintaining the highest standards in Pilates teaching and training. She’s the licensee for Polestar Education Australia, one of the world’s best recognised and respected providers of Pilates teacher training. 

Polestar isn’t just a Pilates studio, it’s more like a wellness hub, with an ever-expanding list of holistic services including, massage, physiotherapy, nutrition advice, an infrared sauna (plus ice bath coming soon). Cat is all about personal attention and fostering a nurturing environment for her teachers and members alike.

Cat’s expertise is well-recognised. She’s not only presented at national and international Pilates conferences, but also served nine years on the Pilates Alliance of Australasia committee, further cementing her status as a pioneer in the Pilates community. Cat’s most recent award is for Pilates Professional of the Year 2023 awarded by AUSactive.

With diplomas in Pilates, Sports Therapies, and Training and Assessment, Catherine continually updates her knowledge and skills, ensuring she, her team, educators and mentors all stay at the forefront of Pilates and rehabilitation techniques. Her story is one of transformation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the Pilates industry.